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Sunday 31st January 2021


I am leading today, with the help of Herman, Heather, Herman Jnr, Mya and Alexia.


Call to Worship: Alexia and Claudette  


Hymn: Here I am to worship


Opening prayers concluding with the Lord’s Prayer – Herman and Herman Jnr


Hymn: You are God


Good News

Time to share good news, birthdays, anniversaries, how God has blessed us.


Bible Reading: Isaiah 49: 14-15 read by Mya


Hymn: God forgave my sin


Bible Reading Matthew 15:21-28 read by Heather


Hymn: Faith in Me


Message: A Mother’s Love- Claudette Binns


Song: Love divine, all loves excelling


Prayers of healing/Intercession - Herman


Hymn: Great is thy Faithfulness


Blessing- Claudette

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