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Sunday 27th December 2020


Welcome to Elmwood Congregation Sunday worship. Thank you for joining us.

Elmwood’s Elders and Syreeta are leading worship this morning in church.  Jenny has kindly agreed to post the service on WhatsApp, thank you Jenny.


Call to Worship     Julie


Opening Prayers and Lord’s Prayer – Claudette


Hymn         As we are gathered



We share good News: birthdays, anniversaries and how God has blessed us.


Hymn         Give thanks with a grateful heart


Bible reading Psalm 100 – Cel


Hymn         Such Love



Message 1- My Lockdown       (Maureen read by Julie)


Message 2 – And it came to pass read by Syreeta


Message 3- Reflection by Roy


Hymn         Be still for the presence of the Lord



Prayers of healing/Intercession - Claudette

We now begin the prayers of intercession, when I say Heavenly Father could you please respond by saying 'hear our prayer'.


Heavenly Father - hear our prayer


For 2021, help us to learn to be patient during this year as we continue to manage to live with COVID 19 and the uncertainty and suffering that it brings.  Help us to understand that the road to our salvation is not an easy road to travel and there will be a lot of trials and tribulations along the way.  Guide us with your grace and undeserved favour and help us to have mercy and hopefulness within us as we help others who are having a difficult time and share with those who experience good times.   Help us to keep safe and continue to support those who do not have a strong faith in your everlasting love and protection that you provide for those who believe in your supernatural powers to heal and keep us safe from harm.  Help us dear Lord to rise above all that will hinder us back from complete wholeness and purpose you have for our lives in 2021.


Heavenly Father - hear our prayer


We pray for our communities in the UK, we ask that you encourage us all to be beacons of hope, compassion and strength, so by our lives we can be examples of your son, Jesus Christ and so draw others to you.   We pray for our politicians, locally, nationally and internationally and for emergency and public services to remain strong, purposeful and consistent in all they do to help the people they serve with the same compassion as your son, Jesus Christ showed to others when he came down to earth.


Heavenly Father - hear our prayer


We pray for all humankind as there appears to be no sign of COVID 19 coming to an end, it has not just spread fear to others but also loneliness,  isolation, unemployment and financial difficulties to a lot of people who need your healing, medically, physically, spiritual and emotionally.  COVID 19 has overshadowed a lot of other events happening in the world and we remember in our prayers those in war zone areas, those experiencing flooding for the refugees all over the world who are seeking a safe place to live  For those who are homeless, for the end to knife and gun crime and for all victims.  We thank you for the completion of the Brexit talks and we pray for your intervention as we move beyond 1st January 2021 we pray that our exit from the European Union will not bring about chaos and uncertainty in the UK.


We pray for all those people who are suffering poverty, persecution, slavery, oppression, injustice and the effects of conflict.  We ask that by the presence of the Holy Spirit you remove these acts of oppression to bless all the victims with your grace and mercy so they are blessed with compassion, wisdom and courage to bring an end to their suffering and so build a brighter future for themselves.


Heavenly Father - hear our prayer


2020 was a time of never ending turmoil in the world.  We pray in 2021 that You will preside over those in authority when they make their decisions and the Holy Spirit will guide them to rise above their egos and self interest to ensure they serve the people they represent fairly.


Heavenly Father - hear our prayers


Please place your healing hands over those on the prayer list grant them your mercy as they are healed with your loving kindness. 


Finally Lord we thank you for providing us with gift of life each morning to breath and worship You both physically and spiritually.  We thank you for the patience and grace you show to us when we are in spiritual crisis in our lives within this church, the community and the world.  Most of all we thank you for being beside us at all times whether we recognise your presence or not.


In your mercy Lord, hear our prayer.   Amen


Hymn         Let there be love shared among us



Blessing – May God’s Blessing Surround you  


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