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 History of   Elmwood 

Elmwood can trace its history back to 1802 when a Congregational Church was established in Livery Street in the City Centre. The official opening of Elmwood Congregational Church at it’s present site took place in July 1946. 


In 1972 the Congregational and Presbyterian churches joined together to form the United Reformed Church.


The current church building, which faces onto Hamstead Hill, was built in 1969 and re-modelled internally in 2002. Before that the church had used the building which became known as ‘Church House’, which is now occupied by our neighbours as a mosque.


For those who want a more detailed history of the Church, there is a booklet called ‘The Vision, Elmwood’s Pilgrim Journey’ tracing the history of the church from Livery Street to Soho Hill and then to Elmwood, up to 1996. 

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