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Sunday 24th January 2021

Welcome to Elmwood Congregation Sunday Worship. We thank Mr Delroy Brown for leading our service this morning. Delroy is a friend of Elmwood and we look forward to him leading our worship in church soon. My thanks to Elder Hazel Flinn for leading our prayers and Angela for reading the bible.

Call to Worship: Claudette  


Good Morning: Blessed Assurance


Hymn: Come, now is the time to worship


Opening prayers concluding with the Lord’s Prayer – Hazel


Hymn: God is love


Good News

Time to share good news, birthdays, anniversaries, how God has blessed us.


Bible Readings: Proverbs 18:21 and Mark 5:22-43


Hymn: Shout to the Lord


Message: Be careful what you wish for! – Delroy Brown


Hymn: Way maker


Prayers of healing/Intercession - Hazel


Hymn: Bless the Lord Oh My Soul



Blessing- The Blessing

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