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Sunday 8th August 2021

Today’s service is led by Elder Roy Cummings, prayers by Elder Julie Lonsdale and the message by Pastor Bryan Byfield.

Call to worship- Psalms 66 verses 1-4.- Elder Roy

Hymn – Come, Now is the time to worship

Opening prayer followed by The Lord's Prayer -Elder Julie

Hymn -At the name of Jesus                                      

Share good news- birthdays, anniversaries and how God has blessed us.

Hymn -My Jesus my saviour                          

Bible reading- John 9:1-11 -Elder Roy.

The message: It’s about Tim  -Pastor Bryan Byfield.

Hymn-Thine be the glory                             

Prayers of healing/intercession -Elder Julie

Final hymn- Praise my soul the king of heaven



The Blessing -Elder Roy.

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