Welcome to Sunday worship 20 September 2020



Order of Service


Welcome- Welcome to Elmwood Congregation Service. Pastor Bryan Byfield will give us the message on Whatsapp and also in church. Today is the first day worshipping in church since 15 March 2020. We continue with the Whatsapp service as not everyone is able to attend church.


Call to Worship-Psalm 95:1-6 Claude


Song 1 Come let us worship and bow down https://youtu.be/JdZNwn2XWhQ


Prayers- Syreeta


The Lord’s Prayer- Syreeta


Song 2 - How great is our God https://youtu.be/KBD18rsVJHk


Time for Good News


Song 3 – Raise a hallelujah https://youtu.be/G2XtRuPfaAU


Bible Reading- 1 Samuel 25:1-17 -Robert


Song 4 – Establish the works of our hands https://youtu.be/u2tzX8VzvsY


Message: The power of a good attitude: by Pastor Bryan Byfield


Song 5 - Eagles Wing https://youtu.be/MvpjxfWrjzY


Prayers of Healing/Intercession- Cel


Song 6 - Bless the Lord O my soul https://youtu.be/oEHiw7EzYl



Blessing -Claude