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The Seed

Jesus used parables to convey Gods truth, particularly for people with ears that do not hear. These parables usually begin with the phrase "the kingdom of God or heaven is like....." It is within an environment of disbelief and opposition that Jesus used parables.


The Times

One thing this pandemic and the lockdown has shown me is that we as humans can be very kind and considerate to each other it seems that the worst brings out the best in people and I have to ask the question why do we have to have a disaster such as this pandemic to be nice to our fellow men.


Disappointment: A Time to Reset

In these times of isolation, apart from loved ones, distant from friends and unable to attend church, we thank you that there is nothing in all of creation that is able to separate us from your love.


Pentecost 5

To put what Jesus is saying in modern language he is saying God has come to you in different guises, in different forms (John and Jesus) but you didn’t join in.



Linda Small’s experience of Church in Britain in the 1950s was harrowing when you consider what the Church is supposed to represent. However, it is a story common to Black people whether it be in the American South, some parts of Asia or here in Britain.


Father's Day

Father’s Day reflects the criticality of fathers' contribution to their children's lives. Although occurring on different dates globally, Father's Day recognises the contribution of fathers to parenting.


Pentecost II

Nicodemus was a Pharisee, representing those Jews of high office who thought Jesus is maybe ok but had problems with some of his words and actions. Jesus was regarded as a dangerous person



Discipleship consists of calling, naming and sending. In this passage in Matthew there is a theme of engagement and withdrawal. There is a time to engage and a time to withdraw.



Pentecost was a Jewish festival when the first fruits of the harvest were brought to the Temple. The disciples were the first fruits of a new way, a new faith that would encompass and change the world, followers of Jesus.


Jesus The True Vine

Jesus Christ is the Vine, the true vine. Believers are the branches of this Vine. There are many branches of the vine; all are but the one vine.



In this passage in John, Jesus links truth, keeping his commandments and the Holy Spirit together. Greek's were obsessed with the search for truth.


The Father's House

If like me, you have attended numerous Caribbean funerals, the bible reading from John chapter 14 is easily recognisable. This passage is entitled: 'The way, the truth and the Life’. I was once asked by a friend to visit his uncle, in hospital who nearing the end of his life.


The Good Shepherd

God is my shepherd

So I will not need anything else

He provides me with food and water

And he restores my soul


Easter Three

It is later on Easter Day, the day on which Mary Magdalene and the other women have discovered the empty tomb. We know from that the disciples (and probably these two were among them) did not believe the women “because their words seemed to them like nonsense.” This was their first mistake – not believing the women!


Doubting Thomas

Like Thomas we are often in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of it we miss out on something special and we could kick ourselves for being so stupid. How many times have you done that? I know I have.



Easter Sunday

“Who will roll back the stone…

When they looked they found that the stone had been rolled back…

You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, the one who was crucified…

He is not here…He is risen.”


Palm Sunday

Jesus' entry into Jerusalem introduces the final days of his ministry prior to his arrest and crucifixion. Jesus spent at least a week in Jerusalem, from Palm Sunday to Easter. This would be the Jewish Passover. He was arrested and crucified at the final feast of Passover. 


Mother's Day

Mothers come in different shapes colours and sizes! My mother was little and looked a bit foreign (and of course she was!) in the environment I grew up in. She was a good role model in that she was a bright working mum who worked her way up from being in a typing pool to working in the Cabinet Office...


Covid-19: Signs of the End

A plague of locusts has ravaged through East Africa and is set to descend on the Middle East in time for Passover. Extreme fires burned through Australia and the Amazon caused by drought and climate change. Corona virus is spreading through the world. So the question on many Christian’s lips is “Are these the end times”?


Fifth Sunday of Lent

Johns gospel is built around the "I ams" and "signs and wonders".  His teaching along with the miracles in the gospel, show that he is Jesus the bread of life, the water of life, the light of life. In chapter 11, John is showing is that Jesus really is the Resurrection and the Life because he raised someone from the dead! 

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